Property Cleaning


Property cleaning services are mandatory for any household in order to make your property healthy and hygienic. It is not always a wise decision to go for do-it-yourself or DIY methods as many complications can arise. If, like any good property manager, you intend to rent out your property to commercial or residential tenants you will want to make sure your property is in the best condition possible. If, for instance, you have more than one property or a large property, then you will almost certainly want to opt in for such services. Instead of giving yourself a headache, let our professional, commercial grade, property cleaning service take care of everything for you. You do not have to expend much, as you can manage cheap but effective and professional property cleaning services from CleanChoice. Being an experienced cleaning services provider, CleanChoice can offer you the best in class solutions that you require to keep you and your tenants happy.

Property management cleaning services are becoming more and more popular these days. Buying property can be a good investment, and sensing that many people have taken to the property market in search of multiple properties. Managing properties can be a very difficult and time consuming task and at CleanChoice we realize that keep a property clean and in order can many times be a huge, time consuming task. Regular cleaning and maintenance services are simply another mandatory part of managing any property effectively. For that reason property maintenance cleaning services from CleanChoice could be one of the most effective parts in maintaining the value of your property. While scheduling cleaning services requires a further investment into your property, we can assure that you will definitely get that bang for your buck that you desire once the job is completed. Suppose, also, that you are renting out a commercial property to tenants. In such cases, you may require property cleaning services quite often. In such cases, property cleaning can seem like a big investment. But, think it over again! Is it really worth loosing a potential or existing tenant? Regular cleaning will not only keep your property hygienic and good as new but it will also insure that it lasts a lot longer on the market.

Here are some key benefits of property cleaning with CleanChoice services:

  • If you are looking for people to rent out your property, then regular property maintenance cleaning is a must for your property. This will keep your property looking clean and good as new. Also, the overall rental value of your commercial or residential property will increase and renters will be much more excited about potentially moving in.
  • Through our professional property management cleaning services your property will stay hygienic. Dirty carpets can hold harmful pollens, bacteria and chemicals that can potentially be harmful to new tenants and buyers, especially children.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning service will keep your property clean and well maintained. This can help your residential or commercial property last longer, especially in the case of carpets, and insure that your property maintains its value for years to come.
  • Carpet is a common thing for every household or commercial building, and cleaning a carpet is not always that easy. But, if your carpet is dirty, it can contaminate your entire property with dirt. For residents and businesses located in such properties, many airborne diseases due to germs or bacteria is quite common. At CleanChoice, we recommend regular cleanings to avoid such a mess.
  • With time, white marble flooring or tile can turn a nasty yellowish color. Our professional property cleaning services offer guaranteed solutions that will make your marble floors look good as new in your commercial or residential properties.

After reading these amazing benefits of professional property cleaning, you must be thinking of hiring a reliable service provider. Well, if you are thinking so, then look no further than CleanChoice. CleanChoice is a local, experienced, reliable service provider, which guarantees its services, and always looks forward to a long term relationship with the customers. There are several property cleaning services around all offering similar services. But, not all of them are experienced and competent enough to provide the services that will be up to the strict level that you require. Hiring CleanChoice could be the most cost-effective solution for you to get the results you desire.

Now, when it comes to property cleaning, so many things are there to be taken care of. Have a look at the complete cleaning solutions that CleanChoice can provide for your property:

Janitorial Cleaning

If you are looking for a complete property management cleaning package, then go for janitorial cleaning services. Our janitorial services are some of the best in the business and are sure to take care of all your cleaning needs. We offer many different janitorial packages ranging from day porter services to less frequent cleans. No matter what type of office janitorial cleaning you require we are sure to have services that will fit your individual needs.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a common household accessory. For a hygienic and healthy household environment, carpet cleaning is a must. Over time, carpets can gather a lot of dust particles which can fill a property full of dirt quite easily. Also, some diseases and bacteria are commonly found within dirty carpets. Some of the biggest problems with dirty carpets are: dust allergens, breathing trouble, eye problems, etc. So, regular cleaning of the carpet is not just a good practice, but could very well be considered a requirement. CleanChoice caters to amazing carpet cleaning services for all of its clients, big or small. You must be wondering what is special in cleaning a carpet. Well, carpet cleaning is not the easiest thing and requires specialized equipment. For a complete steam clean solution for your carpets, CleanChoice is fully equipped with all modern equipment that exceeds the industry standard. Also, all of our cleaning technicians are extensively trained to provide you with highest value for money in carpet cleaning services.

Tile and grout cleaning

Tiles and grout are mainly used in the bathroom area and the kitchen area of any property, though this is not always exclusively the case. They can easily get dirty, and thus, need regular cleaning or maintenance services. To keep them glossy, and looking good as new, you need an effective tile cleaning solution. Only experienced property cleaning service providers can give you such services at the affordable rates you desire without sacrificing quality. CleanChoice is one of the most experienced companies within Arizona, which remains fully equipped to provide you with excellent tile and grout cleaning services to make your floors shine.

Stone Floor Cleaning

These days, stone flooring in the houses or commercial buildings has become quite common. But, it is a hectic job to clean stone floors and if the proper precautions are not taken you can ruin them. Stone floors can look quite beautiful, but as they age and acquire your standard wear and tear, they can become an eyesore. CleanChoice has every solution for stone floor cleaning provided by trained professionals who are familiar with the unique solutions that cleaning stone floors requires. Our attention to detail with our pre and post inspections insures that your floors will get the clean you desire.

If you are in need of any of the property cleaning services that cleanchoice provides you can reach us at (602) 753-0412 to get a free quote.