Office Carpet Cleaning


Office Carpet CleaningAt CleanChoice we realize the unique challenges that cleaning an office carpet can provide that many people might readily overlook. CleanChoice provides premium quality carpet cleaning services throughout Arizona that are able to meet the demand that cleaning an office or facility carpet can provide. All of our office carpet cleaning technicians are trained in the latest carpet cleaning methods and have access to the highest quality equipment needed to perform the job with the highest quality standards that you demand. We have had many satisfied businesses during our many years of operation and would love to add yours to that list. Call today to get a free quote and consultation on all of our office carpet cleaning services.

Our Office Carpet Cleaning Method

Office Carpet CleaningAt first sight a person might thing that every carpet is the same and carpet cleaning is a simple process that never changes. At CleanChoice we simply don’t believe that to be true. Every carpet is unique and that is why before we even start our office carpet cleaning process we inspect the carpet thoroughly for things such as age and texture of the fibers. Different types of carpet fiber can be damaged if a cleaner uses the wrong cleaning agents and during the pre-inspection it is our duty to identify any potential harm our cleaners might be able to cause to your office carpet. During this pre-inspection we will also be able to give you a reasonable idea as far as what you can expect your facility to look like after the carpets are cleaned.

After performing our pre-inspection we move onto our pre-treatment and spotting process. During this time we make sure the office carpets are free of all lose dirt and objects by vacuuming and necessary areas. Our technicians also apply cleaning agents to the office carpet that ensure the steam cleaning is effective and lasts. This conditioning is a step many other cleaning companies simply ignore or attempt to upsell but at CleanChoice we include this in every cleaning at no additional charge.

Our final step is the actual office carpet cleaning itself. We bring in our truck mounted steam cleaning units to reach every square inch of your facilities carpet. All of our technicians are highly trained with years of experience and understand the proper steam pressures that are required in different areas depending upon how soiled they are. Our technicians ability to make judgement calls on particularly stained areas of the office carpet during cleaning is really what sets us apart from our competitors. Our goal is always to leave the customer satisfied the first time we clean a carpet so that they can go about their business without having to micromanage the process. Once this step is done all that is needed is to wait for the office carpets to quickly dry at which point you can enjoy your freshly cleaned office carpets.