Pet Stain and Odor Removal


Pet Stain Removal

Got pets? If so you probably understand the importance of pet stain and odor removal We specialize in providing premium pet urine and odor removal services from your carpet and subsurface areas. Each of our highly trained technicians are equipped with a U/V flashlight to ensure that all of your carpeted areas that have been contaminated with pet stains and odors are identified, and treated properly. We offer several different treatments including deep subsurface urine extraction, urine crystallization, and topical odor treatments. No matter what the severity is, we can get rid of those annoying pet stains and odors. Pet stain and odor removal has never been so easy!


When dealing with any type of pet odor or stains, there are 3 required actions that must be taken in order to achieve the best results possible for odor and stain removal and sanitization:

1. Kill the Odor Causing Bacteria at the Source

  • When inspecting an area that has been soiled by pets, the first step in ridding the odor is to locate the source. We do this by using a U/V flashlight, and inspecting all areas of the home. In some major contaminated cases, the source may be as deep as all the way down below the padding. This is usually the case if the pet has soiled the same area more than once.

In order to treat the entire odor causing bacteria, the bacteria treatment products have to come in direct contact with the bacteria caused by pet stains. We do this in one of 2 ways:

  • Pulling up the carpet, cleaning the backing, and treating the padding directly.
  • Filling a bucket full of the bacteria treatment and hot water, dumping it directly over the soiled area, and extracting it with a deep extraction tool to flush out the organic source material. Both methods are very effective.
  • Note that if a company simply sprays “smelly good stuff” on your carpet and claims to be experts… you may not be getting your moneys worth. Pet urine removal and cleaning isn’t always that easy.

2. Neutralize the Stain and Any Yellowing That May Be Present

  • After removal of the odor, the next step is to remove the visual remains of the stained area. We do this by using an oxidizing cleaning agent, applying it to the stain both before and after we treat the area. This will help neutralize the color back to your carpet.

3. Sanitize and Rinse the Area

  • After properly completing the first 2 steps, we then steam clean the area with our power truck-mounted units to finalize the rinsing and flushing of the stained carpet area. The pet stain removal process should now be completed after the previously stained area is dried out.


Surface Pet Treatment

This stain cleaning package effectively kills the bacteria associated with the surface pet odor in your carpet. It is an effective topical carpet cleaning and treatment process. If pet stains have reached into the padding of the carpet, the deep extraction pet treatment may be needed to effectively remove all of the pet odor.

This Treatment includes:

1. Pre-treatment with bacteria killer and enzyme digester.

2. Visual stain removal and neutralization.

3. Sanitization and extraction with a bacteria killing product.


Deep Extraction Pet Treatment

Cleaning out contaminated areas such as in the case of cat urine sometimes requires more drastic measures. Especially if the stained carpet areas are left uncared for for an extended period of time. Thankfully, we provide services to clean out those nasty stains. This carpet stain removal package effectively removes pet stains from both the surface of the carpet all the way down to the padding. This effectively removes the stain and any odor directly related to the stain. If pet odor and staining is prominent in the room or throughout the home, typically it will not be related to the stained area alone. The most efficient removal method is to combine both the surface pet treatment package, and the deep extraction pet treatment package.

1. Saturation of carpet and padding with urine stain and odor removal solution.

2. Sub-surface extraction.

3. Rinsing saturation of stained carpet and padding.

4. Final sub-surface extraction to remove remaining pet odor, stains and residue.

5. Deep needle injection of bacteria killing product into back side of padding to ensure all bacteria and odor is eliminated.