Carpet Cleaning in Arizona

Are you an Arizona resident looking forward to having your Carpet spruced up? Are you tired of dirty, stained carpets being an eyesore anytime you have company over? Then you will find CleanChoice to be the closest and most reliable choice you have to take care of all your carpet cleaning needs.

CleanChoice are not only thorough on the job, but we also make sure that we deliver our carpet cleaning services exactly to every client’s unique requirements. As top notch carpet cleaners in Arizona, we find it’s best to work with a strict cleaning procedure including pre and post inspections so that we can leave behind a clean and crisp looking carpet for all our clients.

We are highly regarded for our carpet cleaning services throughout Arizona because we follow a specific, proven procedure in everything we do. We take time to send a technician ahead to come inspect your carpet before we send in the cleaning team. Our CleanChoice technician will test the fabric for your rug and determine what kind of fiber it bears, plus they will also inspect the stability of the fabric color. More details we’ll gather from our inspection technician are upholstery condition, how dirty the carpet is and whether there are any chronic stains we’ll have to deal with.

Only after this pre inspection is completed can we know what kind of carpet cleaning procedure to use and the type of detergent that will sink into your carpet fabric and lift the dirt; without damaging the color composition. After the pre-inspection, our technicians will then arrange the area, clearing anything that may be an obstacle when accessing the carpet. Afterwards, we can come in with our steam vacuum machines to work on the carpet immediately.

Pre-vacuuming is an important procedure in our Arizona carpet cleaning services because it helps in removing any hair, dirt or soil stuck on the fabric. When we bring in the professional carpet cleaning equipment, we don’t want to cause more smudges and stains because of overlooked debris and particles. Pre-vacuuming is focused on your carpet first before we move to the floor rugs.

Pre-treatment comes in third on our Arizona carpet cleaning procedure. Our Arizona Carpet cleaners carry out pre-treatment on carpet to break down hard lumps of soil and dirt particles on the carpet fabric. As professional carpet cleaning technicians, we always use pre-treatment solutions that are odor free, non-toxic and safe for animals and children. In addition to getting your carpet as clean as possible we want to ensure the safety of the carpet itself and anybody who walks on it.

As we vacuum through your carpet and pre-treat it, we take the time to carry out some spot-treatment using the details we gathered from our technicians. Spot-treatment is carried out to offer more cleaning strength on problem areas and tough stains. This increases our chances of lifting out those chronic stains that you could never quite seem to get rid of before.

Steam carpet cleaning is the industry leading carpet cleaning procedure, which is also a favorite with our CleanChoice cleaning team. Over the years, we have come to realize that steam carpet cleaning offers more advantages than any other form of carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaners are excellent in removing tough stains and hard to break soils on carpet fabric without degrading the quality of the carpet itself to ensure a longer lasting carpet.

Moreover, professional carpet cleaning using steam eliminates molds, stains and even dust mites which often make their homes in thick carpets. Steam carpet cleaning also sanitizes your carpet and our scented detergents add a clean aroma to welcome you back into your home.

With our state of the art steam cleaners, we are able to cover a wide area of carpet whether it is in commercial buildings or residential homes. As CleanChoice of Arizona, our steam machines work faster and cover more area within minutes. It is this use of modern day technology that allows us to provide such quality work at a very affordable price. If your home or office carpet contains any allergens, rest assured that our steam machines will get them out and leave the carpet as hygienic as ever.

As an Arizona based carpet cleaning company, we never fail to make an after work inspection on your home or office carpet to see whether the job was done to our strict standards. As carpet cleaning professionals it is our goal to always ensure that no spots are overlooked or improperly cleaned which is why we consider our post inspections to be such an important part of our process.

So by now you know that CleanChoice is the best solution when it comes to getting a perfect carpet clean. You can always feel free to call us to get a free quote for your property and schedule through one of our friendly customer service representatives. Also, be sure to check out our affordable and consumer friendly discount coupons on our website. We service many locations throughout Arizona and always work with our clients to provide the best availability to suit their individual needs. At CleanChoice no client is too small to receive world class service throughout their experience.

As a reputable Arizona cleaning company we are straight forward with all of our charges and guarantee that we don’t hide any charges within the price. Despite using industry leading cleaning equipment and trained professionals we always work towards making any clean affordable to a variety of clients with different needs.

You can also book a carpet cleaning service with us via telephone by calling (602) 753-0412. We will get to you with a short turnover and plan a convenient day to visit you with our professional carpet cleaning team.

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